Victor Hussein Law Office Staff

Kari - Lawyer

Kari received her B.A. in Legal Studies while attending University of Waterloo, and then received her J.D. at the University of Western Ontario in London.
Kari subsequently went on to the Law Practice Program at Ryerson University, a rigorous program preparing Law School graduates for legal practice, before being Called to the Bar. She then was an Associate Lawyer practising multiple areas of law before joining the Hussein Law Office team. Kari is also an avid equestrian, and cares for three horses of her own.

Julie - Senior Law Clerk Supervisor

Julie has been a real estate law clerk for 31 years. She has developed vast knowledge, expertise, and practical experience in real estate law. Julie has become an invaluable asset in her current position of overseeing all purchase and refinance files.

Yana - Sales Supervisor

Yana is a highly experienced, knowledgeable real estate law clerk. Her constant dedication to clients' best interests makes her the perfect fit for her role of overseeing all residential sales.

Amanda- Office Bookkeeper

Amanda has tremendous experience in bookkeeping. Our office recognized early that client funds and trust accounts are something that can never be compromised. It is for this reason that we have on staff a full-time bookkeeper who oversees all client funds and financial transactions. Amanda always ensures that errors are never made, especially with client funds.

Nicole, Heather, Nadine, Samantha, Monica, Ling, Jannah, Kristel, Laura - Real Estate Law Clerks

Our team of law clerks are highly experienced and dedicated. Their service to clients is a priority and they never fail to receive compliments from clients. Their knowledge in the area of real estate law is only matched by their genuine passion for real estate and our clients' best interests. Our law clerks have truly grasped the philosophy of the firm... service, service, service.

Winter - Client Services

As a final touch to our philosophy of client service and attention, we have Winter in Client Services. Winter is an aid to our Real Estate Law Clerks. Winter strives to ensure our clients questions are attended to by the most capable person for each particular situation. Her receptive personality and attention to detail always garners compliments from our clients.

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